AIA was created to build a world-leading decentralised digital economy ecosystem, providing highly transparent, secure, reliable, efficient and convenient on-chain digital economy services to users and developers worldwide.

The AIA team consists of a talented group of engineers, researchers, strategists, market operators, designers and builders, all dedicated to providing leading and fast decentralised services to the world.


Public Chain Ecosystem Building Direction

01.Decentralised cross-chain exchange

AIA Smart Chain has obvious advantages in decentralised cross-chain exchanges, achieving asset swaps with multiple public chains through interoperability with different blockchains. And the exchange is completed through off-chain method without worrying about the arrival time. As the core of the ecosystem of AIA Smart Chain, we have high value in digital asset trading, payment and operation. Its high-frequency transaction experience stems from the innovative consensus algorithm and multi-layer protocol structure, which builds a high-throughput layer2 network, asynchronous verification and parallel transactions ensure low fees, with a TPS of up to 2,000+ times/second, enabling users to quickly realise the flow of assets, and also cross-chain in-depth interactions with other public chains, expanding the scope of application and market value

02.DEFI Crosslink Aggregator

As the current mainstream DeFi platforms are born based on the public chains of larger ecosystems, which is not in line with the purpose of blockchain decentralisation and the healthy development of block network ecosystems, for this reason, with the help of AIA Smart Chain's native cross-chain transmission and communication technology foundation, we build an exclusive DeFi cross-chain aggregation platform based on AIA Smart Chain ecosystems, which is not restricted to the isolation mode of development, and will realise the cross-chain exchange of tokens of all major mainstream public chains, thus promoting the development of the entire block ecosystems.

03.Decentralised AI Arithmetic Sharing Platform

Decentralised AI arithmetic sharing platform is a platform where any user can become a requestor, modeler, and arithmetic provider for AI usage scenarios, with the goal of building the world's largest shared AI arithmetic pool. The following three AI roles will open the micro-payment status channel when accessing the network, and support lightning network/Layer2 network payment in the future.

  • AI request side: AI use consumption request
  • AI model side: APP/DApp of AI algorithm, AI model, AI tool
  • AI arithmetic party: AI arithmetic nodes provide AI arithmetic to AI requesting parties in need of training, such as personal mobile phone/computer chips, AI arithmetic organisations, and graphics GPU arithmetic.
  • Micro-payment status channel: micro-payment status channel needs to be uplinked only when it is opened and closed, and it sends and receives immediately after opening, and no on-chain confirmation is needed for transferring money in the channel.
04.Decentralised cross-chain lending

Decentralised lending projects in the market are usually built on top of mainstream public chains, which requires the issuance of derivative assets corresponding to real assets and bear higher risks. However, AIA Smart Chain enables stable cross-chain lending and borrowing, and our development team is committed to ensuring that users can switch the secured assets at any time when the market fluctuates dramatically to protect users' rights and interests, which provides a more flexible and convenient lending and borrowing experience and is no longer limited by a specific public chain.