AIA Smart Chain (AIA) is a programmable smart contract blockchain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The AIA Smart Chain improves Ethereum-based technology by leveraging second-layer solutions to enhance execution speed, reduce transaction fees, and improve security. Additionally, it aims to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem through its own development.

1.Value Vision


We believe in the power of blockchain technology, which will make society more just, transparent and open. We are committed to promoting the development and application of this technology, abiding by the principles of honesty, fairness, transparency, openness and trust, so that the blockchain can create greater value for the entire human society, and look forward to a more open, transparent, free, equal and thriving world in the future!


AIA Smart Chain's vision is to become the world's leading decentralised digital economy ecosystem. We are committed to promoting the development of innovative technologies and businesses, and providing support and assistance to innovative projects around the world, so as to jointly promote the development and prosperity of the digital economy. We welcome you to join us and explore the infinite possibilities of the digital economy together.



AIA Smart Chain adopts a decentralised approach to transaction processing and smart contract execution, with no central authority to control and manage transactions, which makes AIA Smart Chain more open and transparent

Smart contract

The AIA smart chain supports smart contracts that automate the execution and management of incentives.

Original AVM

AIA Smart Chain uses an optimised and improved virtual machine, AVM, which is compatible with Ethernet's EVM, making smart contract execution easy, flexible and secure, while reducing the cost of developing or migrating DAPPs;

Low commission

The AIA smart chain uses a unique Gas fee system for calculating the cost of transactions and smart contract operations. The adoption of this system allows users to control the cost of transactions and smart contracts more flexibly and consume lower fees when executing contract operations, reducing development or migration costs.



In order to ensure the security and stability of the blockchain network of AIA Smart Chain, we adopt the POS consensus mechanism as its core technology foundation to provide users with an efficient, stable and secure transaction environment. This is a greater advantage compared to other consensus algorithms. By avoiding expensive computational consumption through the voting of consensus nodes, the APOS mechanism is able to achieve efficient transactions at a lower cost.

For developers

AIA's original AVM system compatible with EVM virtual machines supports developers to create applications easily, quickly and simply. After years of development, testing and application, AIA public chain provides wider freedom and higher flexibility, offering more innovative space and opportunities for developers.


Through innovative consensus algorithms and the construction of a multi-layer protocol structure, asynchronous verification, parallel transactions, and low fees, the theoretical TPS of the AIA ecosystem is as high as 2,000+ times/second, which is capable of carrying a wider range of business transaction scenarios.

User experience

By supporting smart contracts and adopting a special Gas fee system, AIA Smart Chain is able to calculate fees based on the cost of transactions and smart contract operations, helping users to flexibly control the cost of contract interactions, providing more convenient, efficient and reliable services for enterprises and individuals, and injecting new impetus for realising the development of the global digital economy.


AIA Smart Chain Development Roadmap


(2021 Q2-Q3)



(2021 Q4)



(2022 Q2)



(2022 Q4)



(2023 Q4)


The first version of AIA Smart Chain offers a stable and user-friendly system. Developers can develop and promote DApps at a low cost, while ordinary users can participate in DApps on AIA Smart Chain with low entry barriers.

  • Test phase

    Improve the stability and compatibility of public chains

    Reduce development and usage costs

    Lower batch gas fees to promote large-scale adoption

  • Node staking phase

    Strengthen decentralization, enhance asset security

    Provide a more comprehensive range of mainstream asset types and scales

    Foundational tools are starting to take shape

  • Ecological incubation phase

    Provide integrated technical services

    Enhance tool customization to meet project development needs

    Increase cross-chain bridges and other circulation tools to enhance asset liquidity

Further optimization of functions, AIA Smart Chain will shoulder the mission of connecting CeFi and DeFi, reducing the entry barriers for users to access DeFi applications.

  • Community introduction phase

    Establish developer forums, blogs, and improve FAQ information

    Vigorously introduce high-quality projects to foster a thriving chain infrastructure ecosystem

    Provide innovative IDs and bind user identities

    Offer personalized gateways for more precise matching between users and DApps

Expand the performance of the public chain while retaining the decentralized advantages of distributed protocols.

  • Community upgrade phase

    Build cross-chain interoperability protocols, integrate cross-chain interoperability, and promote consensus protocol upgrades.

  • Cross-chain Interoperability Protocol
  • Cross-chain Interoperability Integration
  • Consensus Protocol Upgrade

Focus on building the foundational infrastructure ecosystem of AIA Smart Chain's Meta-Universe, creating a synergistic effect through the integration of areas such as blockchain gaming, NFTs, social networking, and more.

  • Ecological expansion phase

    Launch high-quality DApps such as YOHO, Sky Miner, CAD Fintech, Crypto Hunter, World Cup

    Launch premium blockchain games such as "Sky Miner", "Crypto Hunter", "World Cup"

    Establish token ecosystem flow scenarios for YOHO, AIA, and others

    Introduce the NFT trading marketplace Hi Sky

    Significantly develop decentralized social application AIA Block

Larger scale commercial application and landing; support many kinds of traditional business to run smoothly on the chain.

  • Technical upgrade phase

    Support integration of multiple virtual machines, enhance protection capabilities through various zero-knowledge proofs and privacy protocols

    Implement multi-signature, multi-dimensional sharding, storage compression, and scalability

    Lay the foundation for expanding and upgrading the public chain