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Dear A-Chain users:

In order to celebrate the major upgrade of A Chain's technology and brand to AIA, the upcoming announcement of market cooperation plans with major crypto institutions, and to thank the cumulative total of more than three million users who have participated in the contribution to the construction of A Chain's ecosystem, AIA Chain has decided to implement an all-volunteer carnival incentive rebate program!
The AIA chain has taken a snapshot of the on-chain address balance and Swap's AIA-USDT and CRET-AIA LP at block height 22682133 at 15:15:44 on September 18, 2023 (UTC+8).
All users who hold the main chain coin AIA will be able to get the contribution reward provided by the AIA Foundation. The participation method of the carnival has been optimized, and the whole activity has been extended to 90 days, based on the height of the block in the snapshot, the number of AIAs in the user's address in the snapshot is given back in the ratio of 1:1000, and the threshold of the carnival is: the number of AIAs in the block in the snapshot must be more than or equal to 0.1 Threshold: the number of AIAs in the snapshot block must be greater than or equal to 0.1. After the release of this [AIA Carnival] DAPP, you can link to your wallet to view and receive the Thousandfold-Carnival.
In order to maintain the stability of the AIA asset value, and the fairness and impartiality with all coin users participating in this Carnival, after the Carnival completes the distribution of AIA, the listing and trading program will be opened shortly, and the listing price will be discounted according to the ratio of multiples corresponding to the gift. During the period will also carry out heavy old user recall activities, please pay attention to the activity announcement in the AIA Block community. In the carnival to the block snapshot shall prevail, not timely participation in the carnival address, the user can be in 90 days according to the snapshot information query to receive a thousandfold-Carnival.
In this AIA Thousandfold-Carnival, A-Chain has taken the initiative to reduce the total valuation of the public chain itself, and with the assessment of the scale of A-Chain users and the highly active data on the chain, it is like letting the future huge value-added space of the main chain coins to the majority of loyal users who have been active in the eco-community to participate in the construction of A-Chain, and the A-Chain team will lead the users to march into the whole crypto market. After the completion of Thousandfold-Carnival, the A-chain team will gradually announce the market cooperation plan with major confidential organizations, platforms, and projects, i.e., the "Venus Plan", so please look forward to it!