AIA accelerator program is now launched to help discover the next web3 stars

AIA Chain is at the forefront of innovation in the crypto space. The AIA ecosystem is positioned to achieve significant growth in the crypto space, and achieving rapid growth in the industry is centered on finding the strongest founders in crypto to drive innovation.AIA Chain is very pleased to launch the AIA Chain Accelerator Program, which aims to find the strongest founders in the crypto field, promote the revolutionary wave of decentralized applications (DApps) and accelerate ecosystem expansion.


The AIA Chain program aims to develop the AIA Chain ecosystem and empower founders and talented individuals who are committed to developing and launching transformative Dapps and products. AIA Chail is committed to unleashing the potential of candidates and assisting them in expanding the boundaries of the AIA Chain ecosystem. By the end of the program, candidates will not only have developed a comprehensive strategy, but will also be fully equipped to take innovative projects to the next level.

The AIA accelerator program is divided into three tracks

AIA Chain decentralized track

  • AIA Chain is driving AIA’s expansion in global strategic markets by recruiting visionary candidates. Candidates will be the cornerstones of growth, catalyzing the expansion of AIA Chain through venture capital-backed startups. The main goal is to increase the user base of AIA Chain and cultivate a prosperous local development community. Once a startup is ready to move to the next level, it's possible to attract a wider customer base and explore other venture capital opportunities.
  • Potential candidates are expected to develop and execute a strategic roadmap to increase AIA Chain’s influence. Performance will be measured against clearly defined key performance indicators (KPIs), with important key milestones triggering token incentives and competitive remuneration. After achieving major achievements, candidates may also have the opportunity to lead their projects within AIA Chain's expanding network.

AIA Chain Incubation Program

  • AIA Chain Labs and the AIA Chain Foundation have a few ideas that they would like to see come to fruition, however, every idea has a missing piece: a founder to drive it forward.
  • Designed to accelerate projects from initial stages to readiness for release, the AIA Accelerator Program provides candidates with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a range of projects with the potential for improvement. Potential candidates are expected to develop go-to-market strategies, organizational management strategies, technology development, product and fundraising from a business or technical perspective to realize projects that spark their passion and align with their expertise.

AIA Launchpad Program

  • In many cases, founders have already begun planning their projects. AIA Launchpad serves as a forging ground for consumer-facing applications, transforming early-stage projects into outstanding blockchain solutions. Candidates propose and develop DApps or products that target consumer needs. The idea will be evaluated from multiple perspectives including innovation, market adaptability, potential user needs, and ability to solve real problems. Candidate will need to outline a detailed project plan or engineering build and assemble a dedicated team
  • Achieving key milestones can expand the scope of the initiative. AIA provides comprehensive support to bring talent together into teams that can hone their skills and develop competitive, outstanding applications. Reaching these key milestones will trigger a financial infusion from the AIA Foundation, which includes capital investments, token grants, and audit assistance, while ensuring the project has a strategic stake in future wins through protocol tokens or equity participation.
AIA Accelerator Program Application Form

img Plan duration

The scheme runs for three months for each candidate, with six-month extensions available on a case-by-case basis.

img Candidate Criteria - What type of founder is the foundation looking for?

The Foundation is looking for founders/former founders who have successfully launched projects and have the drive to succeed. Candidates must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Have a successful record of establishing companies or projects;
  • Have a record of excellent expertise in a specific field;
  • Experience in successfully exiting or scaling a business from inception to operational stages.
img Please note:
The AIA Launchpad program allows up to two co-founders with complementary skills, such as CTO/CEO. However, the AIA decentralized track and AIA Chain incubation program only accept applications from individuals.

img Register for the AIA Accelerator Program

Click here to apply img
Candidates can apply on the AIA official website or join through referral. A series of interviews will identify the final candidate, after which the candidate can devote their passion to any of AIA's ongoing projects. The AIA Foundation provides a platform to achieve candidates' goals.
Embark on the AIA Accelerator Program
  • Evaluate the track that’s right for you
  • Based on personal preferences, areas of expertise and past experience, choose the program that best suits you (AIA Decentralized Track, AIA Chain Incubation Program or AIA Launchpad Program).
  • Develop a roadmap
  • During the initial onboarding phase, you will work with our team to develop your blockchain roadmap, establish key milestones, and explore the key factors for success in the blockchain and Web3 space.
  • Build product
  • Work with AIA's in-house team and our leading Web2 and Web3 operators and enterprises on organizational and technical development, product development, go-to-market strategy and fundraising to start building your product.
macro perspective
The AIA Accelerator Program demonstrates a comprehensive approach to developing the AIA ecosystem. By providing resources, guidance, and inspiration, AIA invests not just in projects, but in the visionary creators who produce them. AIA is committed to cultivating the next generation of thriving blockchain Web3 founders who have the ability and inspiration to drive the entire industry into a new generation.
Common problem
img 1. Where is the AIA accelerator program?
The accelerator takes place primarily online. A product manager will be assigned to help develop the strategic roadmap and collaborate with key members of the AIA Foundation team. In addition, opportunities will be provided for face-to-face meetings at mutually convenient times and locations.
img 2. Which track should I choose between the AIA decentralized track, AIA Chain incubation program and AIA Launchpad program?
  • The AIA decentralized track aims to recruit visionary candidates to lead the expansion and distribution of the AIA network in key markets around the world and enhance AIA’s user base.
  • Designed to accelerate in-house incubated ideas from initial stage to readiness, the AIA Chain Incubation Program offers applicants a unique opportunity to participate in a range of projects.
  • The AIA Launchpad program is a platform for transforming promising consumer application concepts into superior blockchain solutions. Candidates need to design and demonstrate consumer-facing Dapps or products.
img 3. I want to build a DAO and have the ability to expand the AIA user base. How can I participate?
Candidates who are interested in participating but do not have their own ideas can apply for our AIA decentralized track.
img 4. I want to build a project but I don’t have my own ideas. How can I participate?
Candidates who are interested in participating but do not have their own ideas can apply for our AIA Chain incubation program.
img 5. What should I do if I have a good idea to build a project but I am not a technical developer?
Candidates who are interested in participating but do not have technical skills can apply for our AIA Incubation or AIA Launchpad programs.
img 6. Will I receive any financial compensation while participating in the AIA Accelerator Program?
Yes, if you have been interviewed by the committee and successfully joined the program, you will receive financial compensation and clear milestones.
img 7. Can I participate in the AIA Accelerator Program on a part-time basis?
No, candidates are expected to participate full-time in order to fully devote their time to planning and focus on growing the business, engaging with customers/users, and improving the product.
img 8. When is the deadline to apply for the AIA Accelerator Program?
No specific deadline was set. This plan will continue until further notice, please follow our AIA official news for updates.
img 9. Now is not the right time for me to join, but I am interested, what should I do?
If the current time is not convenient for you, the Foundation recommends that you still apply and share your contact information. This will enable you to receive future updates and stay connected with our team.
img 10. I am currently raising funds but I am interested in the AIA Accelerator Program, what should I do?
The Foundation recommends that you still apply and provide your contact details. This will enable you to receive notifications of subsequent updates and stay in touch with our team.
img 11. If I am already running a project, is the AIA Accelerator program suitable for me?
If you have not yet raised token/equity investment and think you are a match for the AIA ecosystem, please submit an application. The AIA Accelerator Program is designed for early stage founders of companies.
img 12. If I am a solo founder, am I still eligible for the AIA Accelerator Program?
Yes, you are eligible to apply and participate as an independent founder. The Foundation will facilitate connections between all potential candidates to help build the best possible team.
img 13. Do I need to know someone on the AIA Foundation team to join the AIA Accelerator Program?
No, all applicants must complete all required registration applications and must be interviewed by the committee in order to be accepted into the program.
img 14. If I participate in another accelerator, am I still eligible for the AIA Accelerator Program?
Every project must deploy products on the AIA blockchain. If you are currently developing on other blockchains and have not yet raised funds, the Foundation requires that you migrate to the AIA blockchain.
img 15. Do I need to establish a company before applying to the AIA Accelerator Program?
If you have not yet established a company, the AIA Accelerator Program provides you with contacts to professional legal services firms that can assist you with the company registration process and help determine the most appropriate course of action.