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Founder team
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    Jack Graham
    Founder (CEO)
    Graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science, early Bitcoin miner and investor.Worked for Google, IBM and other high-tech companies in Silicon Valley in the early days, proficient in computer science and cryptography.Joined the blockchain industry in 2014, and has participated in the development and testing of SOL, APT, and Layer 2 networks.
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    Abolfazl Nouri
    Co-Founder Technical Director (CTO)
    Graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Software Engineering, a big supporter of ethereum.Senior software engineer in Silicon Valley, participated in the development of several blockchain software applications.Proficient in BTC, ETH blockchain underlying code and protocols
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    Sara Georgia
    Chief Marketing Officer CMO
    Graduated from Bogazici University, Growth Hacker Worked in the Middle East blockchain market for many years, fluent in Arabic, English, Turkish and other languages. Led a tier 2 project to grow from 0 to one million users and obtained financing of millions of dollars
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    Michael Chan
    Public Relations Manager
    Graduated from National University of Singapore, Tier 1 investor Specialized in VC track and public relations, with rich VC resources and connections Currently, his personal investment in blockchain projects has reached 20+.
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